Nihon de seikatsu

Help other and surely you will be helped too

Kumamoto Links

Kumamoto is one of the prefectures among forty-seven.It falls under Kyushu Region. Many foreigners live here. Most of them are students and about 95% students study at Kumamoto University. While living here, you may find it quite difficult for the first few months. However, you can get supports from Japanese as well as fro other foreigners also. Most of them are very helpful.

To make your life a bit easier, here are some links which may be quite useful for you.

kumamoto-i: A yahoo-group in which you can be a member and can communicate with others very easily. Very useful for newcomer as well as for others.

To become a member, just send a blank mail to this address,

For detail information to become a member of  this group, you can browse,

Kumamoto International Foundation (in short KIF) can be a good palce where you can get a lot of support in English. Morevoer they offer many free services. You can also learn Japanese absolutely for free. The link is here,

Google Translate from Japanese to English

Google has a web based  translator and you can convert Japanese to English and vice versa. It also supports many languages.

SnapShot of Google Translate

SnapShot of Google Translate

To access google translate ,

Twitter, a new messagaing tool

For what and why Twitter, watch the video

Here is the link to go Twitter

Podcasting in layman language

If you want to know more about the term podcast, go to the following link,

Should we use CFL Lightbulbs?


Teigaku-Kyufukin means Supplementary Income payments. The Japanese government is currently planning to provide this kind of payments to residents in Japan. These payments will also be given to foreigners who are registered, but not to those with a ‘short termresidence status.


The supplementary income payments will be issued by your local municipality, based on your registered address as of February 1,2009. Therefore, if you have moved house, or your registered address and current address are different, you must register at your municipal office before the end of January.



The amount of money provided is planned to be 12,000yen per person, while those who are 18 and under or 65 and over as of February 1,2009, will be given 20,000yen per person. Please note however, that those with a short termresidence status do not qualify for the payment.



Specific details about the supplementary income payments and their provision will be announced by your local municipality, once the policy has been finalized by the Japanese government.



Nihongo(Japanese) to English

While studying in Japan, I have used three translators which are avialable in online. These translators helped me a lot to translate from Japanese to English. I would like to share those with you. Hope that will be helpful for you.

which produces good quality translation.

not always produces quality translation. You can compare the result while you translate it in the above two.

this is the product of Microsoft and I dont want to comment on it.

If you know any other quality translator, please  put those in the comment.

Links to learn Kanji

Kanji, the most difficult part in Japanese language(I beleive) and there are lot of books, lot of links are avaialable. But if you are interested to learn it by gaming, here is a link for you,

Links to learn Nihongo

If you google around for learning Nihongo/Japanese, you may find thousands of links. As a beginner, you may confused, which one should be good for you. Here, I have attached some links, which you may find quite useful. You may also add some links, if you know.

I found it quite good for learning Japanese. As the explanation is in English, it will be easy to understand. There are also lot of examples in the  above site.

Nihon de seikatsu

“Nihon de seikatsu”

Does it have any meaning? If there is a meaning, then what  does it? Well, I will come to this point later . Before that , I would like to tell you the objective behind creating this blog. This blog will be a support for new comers as well as the foreigners like us who are now living in Japan.  Then  how can you get the support from this? You can send mail to me or post your comment along with your interests to be an user of this  blog.  If someone knows about your query, he or she can reply your comment.  In this way, you may get help from others or you can also help other by answering query.

I know, you are smart and you already have had some ideas about this blog’s title. Anyway, here is the simplest description of the title. Nihon means Japan and seikatsu means life style. Lets make our life in Nihon(Japan) ease.

When I first came here, I faced a lot of trouble and got help from Japanese people. Though my experiences are not longer, but I am very happy to live here. The most difficult part is Japanese language which I could not learn 10% of that.

Lastly, thank you for coming and joining in this blog.

(The best way to communicate is to post a comment. I could write my email address here, but due to the fear of spamming, I did not mention it.)