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Kumamoto Links

Kumamoto is one of the prefectures among forty-seven.It falls under Kyushu Region. Many foreigners live here. Most of them are students and about 95% students study at Kumamoto University. While living here, you may find it quite difficult for the first few months. However, you can get supports from Japanese as well as fro other foreigners also. Most of them are very helpful.

To make your life a bit easier, here are some links which may be quite useful for you.

kumamoto-i: A yahoo-group in which you can be a member and can communicate with others very easily. Very useful for newcomer as well as for others.

To become a member, just send a blank mail to this address,

For detail information to become a member of  this group, you can browse,

Kumamoto International Foundation (in short KIF) can be a good palce where you can get a lot of support in English. Morevoer they offer many free services. You can also learn Japanese absolutely for free. The link is here,


Links to learn Kanji

Kanji, the most difficult part in Japanese language(I beleive) and there are lot of books, lot of links are avaialable. But if you are interested to learn it by gaming, here is a link for you,

Links to learn Nihongo

If you google around for learning Nihongo/Japanese, you may find thousands of links. As a beginner, you may confused, which one should be good for you. Here, I have attached some links, which you may find quite useful. You may also add some links, if you know.

I found it quite good for learning Japanese. As the explanation is in English, it will be easy to understand. There are also lot of examples in the  above site.