Nihon de seikatsu

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Links to learn Kanji

Kanji, the most difficult part in Japanese language(I beleive) and there are lot of books, lot of links are avaialable. But if you are interested to learn it by gaming, here is a link for you,


Links to learn Nihongo

If you google around for learning Nihongo/Japanese, you may find thousands of links. As a beginner, you may confused, which one should be good for you. Here, I have attached some links, which you may find quite useful. You may also add some links, if you know.

I found it quite good for learning Japanese. As the explanation is in English, it will be easy to understand. There are also lot of examples in the  above site.

Nihon de seikatsu

“Nihon de seikatsu”

Does it have any meaning? If there is a meaning, then what  does it? Well, I will come to this point later . Before that , I would like to tell you the objective behind creating this blog. This blog will be a support for new comers as well as the foreigners like us who are now living in Japan.  Then  how can you get the support from this? You can send mail to me or post your comment along with your interests to be an user of this  blog.  If someone knows about your query, he or she can reply your comment.  In this way, you may get help from others or you can also help other by answering query.

I know, you are smart and you already have had some ideas about this blog’s title. Anyway, here is the simplest description of the title. Nihon means Japan and seikatsu means life style. Lets make our life in Nihon(Japan) ease.

When I first came here, I faced a lot of trouble and got help from Japanese people. Though my experiences are not longer, but I am very happy to live here. The most difficult part is Japanese language which I could not learn 10% of that.

Lastly, thank you for coming and joining in this blog.

(The best way to communicate is to post a comment. I could write my email address here, but due to the fear of spamming, I did not mention it.)