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Teigaku-Kyufukin means Supplementary Income payments. The Japanese government is currently planning to provide this kind of payments to residents in Japan. These payments will also be given to foreigners who are registered, but not to those with a ‘short termresidence status.


The supplementary income payments will be issued by your local municipality, based on your registered address as of February 1,2009. Therefore, if you have moved house, or your registered address and current address are different, you must register at your municipal office before the end of January.



The amount of money provided is planned to be 12,000yen per person, while those who are 18 and under or 65 and over as of February 1,2009, will be given 20,000yen per person. Please note however, that those with a short termresidence status do not qualify for the payment.



Specific details about the supplementary income payments and their provision will be announced by your local municipality, once the policy has been finalized by the Japanese government.